‘The Redland’ – Steel Framed Timber Clad Sliding Wooden Gate

Steel framed, timber clad gates are a great addition to any driveway. The sliding wooden gate allows for more flexibility and affordability than solid timber gates with other fantastic advantages. The steel frame gives a strong skeleton for the gate and once clad only weighs a fraction of their solid gate counterpart. There are also many options for cladding the gate; whether it’s feather-edge timber or composite board, allowing you to create a bespoke entrance to your property.

This gate operates on a sliding mechanism, allowing the automated gate to be installed with limited space in front or behind. The smooth sliding mechanism also allows for an extra secure hold when closed.

This gate will be installed with a fixed motor which is not visible from outside of the property on a discrete sliding track. All additional intercoms, entry and exit devices are compatible with the Redland gate